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At the moment, I am a pregnant Chiropractor heading fast into my third trimester.
Mother to one and a half children. Well, more accurately, I am step mother to my 7 year old Son after marrying the most amazing man for me earlier this year. This marriage not only made me an instant Mum, but also a WOW, or Wife of a Widower, which in itself has required a necessary phase of adjustment for the three of us.

I run a busy clinic in Brisbane which attracts many people who wish to enhance their body’s function and life in general in natural wholistic ways. I nurture my family using my knowledge and skills that I have learned these past 14 years in the natural health industry and have plenty to share.

I lecture Advanced Applied Kinesiology techniques to primary health professionals around the world, particularly in the developing field of retained neonatal/primitive reflexes.

My blog is about the things that inspire me and the concepts I wish were common mainstream knowledge or better understood by those I treat, and those who aspire for a healthier life for themselves and their families.