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‘Retained Primitive Reflexes’ is a term that’s trending at the moment. They play a role in learning difficulty, developmental delay and behaviour.

Learn more at my evening workshop on Wednesday May 30 in Sandgate. It’s a free event held quarterly, aimed to inform and excite Educators, Health Practitioners and interested Parents, so you can spot these reflexes at play and interpret Childrens reaction with some understanding.

Register through this link …

And here’s a bit about me, your presenter for the evening…

Susan Walker is a Chiropractic Doctor of 16 years experience who has contributed to the growing understanding of retained primitive reflexes in healthy children and how they can hinder learning and development. Alongside Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR) founder Dr Keith Keen (DC, DO), Susan has expand the technique which now has practitioners across Australasia, UK, Europe, America, Korea and Canada.  Since 2008 she has taught hundreds of primary healthcare practitioners the RNR methods which has taken her to international stages, including the International College of Applied Kinesiology’s 50th International Congress in Washington DC.  Four times each year she holds community talks to improve understanding of how nervous system integration can hold the key for many children struggling with learning difficulty, behavioural problems and developmental delay.
I hope to see you there!