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So when your 18 month old Picasso draws her art on the floor with permanent marker three days before your home is handed over to new buyers, you could freak out… or, you could become forever grateful to Bon Ami – an American made, inexpensive, all natural powder cleaner.

This marking pen was off in 5minutes and my blood pressure back to normal!

It makes your sink gleam and gets that calcium scale off your bathroom glass screens with ease.

While it is non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals, is immensely effective and is the one cleaner I find a joy to use, being comprised of feldspar and limestone, it is a natural soft abrasive cleaner so you should still be careful on what you use it on.  It’s brilliant for scuff marks on baths and plasterboard walls, caked-on stovetops, and baked-on cookware. But use it cautiously on high gloss or painted surfaces. I have used Bon Ami to successfully remove tar and rubber mark on my car paint with very light elbow grease.

Here in Australia, it’s most likely to be found in natural health shops for under (or around) $5.  Give it a go. I have found it a blessing to have on hand, especially with a toddler about. It’s a relief to know that if she’s gets her hands on it somehow, it’s safe for kidlets (and pets).