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One of my favourite people to have miraculously come into my life is Dr Clare Allen – Doctor of Business Administration.  When I began to ask around for someone who would be in their genius zone when it came to devising business plans, I had no idea that my call to Dr Clare would provide me with such inspiration and so much ongoing support.  Skilled in business to the high 9s, accolades galore, and a fierce determination to disrupt the market place to become noticed, she is smart, assertive and most of all authentic.

Dr Clare fittingly refers to herself as a Business Evangelist, and she does understand business like no other.  She has had immense personal success in helping us humans recognise brands, turning businesses around and amplifying profits, yet she is also deeply intuitive, insightful and spiritual.  One of her many gifts is to see between the layers of a business problem and find a solution that will satisfy both sides for the greatest good. You can’t help but to be influenced by her passion for being uniquely different (uniquely you) and she will urge you to look within and become your own council. By that, she means to find your own answers – answers you own – by starting (or ending) in the stillness of your self, rather than by always seeking opinions and direction from others.

Dr Clare Allen is currently working in a CEO role in Australia’s number 1 most trusted Non-for-Profit Organisation and she still finds time to coach business owners, budding managers and business operators.  She is also an Author and her contribution on the committee panels she’s part of is well regarded. Effortlessly, Dr Clare injects some of her self belief into you as you speak with her and you leave her feeling more empowered, every time.  I saw one of her many gifts play out as she took the fuzz of mental frenzy that was creating chaos in the management of my business, and rolled it up into a simplified parcel of intentional purpose.  She shapes you into who you truly are by instilling belief and trust into your own gifts, skills and talents, and guiding you in what areas you may need to outsource for skillsets different to your own.

In a nutshell, Dr Clare Allen, has a way of shaping people. Not to push square pegs into round holes, not to make you into someone that you are not, but in a way that makes you more in tune, and work in alignment with, your core beliefs and with her proven strategies for success.

If you are dressed for success but don’t really know how to get there, get in touch with Dr Clare. The video on her homepage gives you a taste of who she is. And while you’re on her website check out her shop, directed to keep your work and life in balance.