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Continuing with My Favourite Things, I was reminded the other day of how life changing the discovery of a Diva Cup was for me.

Now, this blog post is about Menstrual cups so click off this page now if that’s not what you expected to stumble upon

After teaching in Austria in 2009, I travelled to Italy and while travelling around Tuscany with some other Chiropractic Doctors I met the Italian wife of an American Professor who was at the time living in Siena. During a quiet discussion with me, she mentioned a life of suffering with her monthly periods until she discovered Menstrual Cups. This was something I had never heard of before in my life!  News of Moon or Diva or Luna Cups (and also known by a myriad of brand names as you’ll see later in this post) had not really reached Australia at that time and tampons and pads were the only advertised means to get us through our ‘monthly visits from Aunt Ruby’.

The concept made so much sense to me as a health professional.  Basically you insert this cup and your menses runs into this cup and is held there until you choose to empty it. Some could go a day or two without emptying it. It prevents any reabsorption of toxins and debris back into the body through the vaginal wall which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome and it stops your monthly spending on disposable sanitary items.  The cup also gives you full versatility and mobility, that when properly fitted you can get on with your day without the frequency of bathroom stops. You can get on and swim, play, and work without a worry.

While I have used one since I was first made aware of them while travelling through Tuscany in 2009, my sister only asked me the other day “Hey Sue, have you heard of the Moon Cup?”.  I was a bit ashamed that I had left her in the dark about this potentially life changing discovery for 8 years! Thankfully she’d stumbled upon it herself in good time and is sharing her discovery with other women.

So I was going to write a whole page about why I love my Menstrual Cup, but I’ve noticed that other brilliantly passionate women have done it for me so please see links to their wonderful words, taking you to their sites.  In a nutshell they’re going to save you heaps of $$$ as you won’t require monthly sanitary items, they’ll help you do your part in saving landfill and keeping the environment safer and cleaner for the incoming generations, plus they’re much better for your health.  Try one out and see for yourself how much better you can feel using a cup instead!

My tips:

  • Make sure your cup is made from surgical grade silicon and not some other form of rubber or plastic.  This will ensure you don’t have any leaching of the chemicals in product into your body.
  • The base of the cup is really important. You will find the ribbing is helpful for pulling the cup back out, and that its length mustn’t be too long or too short.  Too long will add to discomfort with it protruding out of you, and too short will make it difficult to grab onto.  Depending on your anatomy, you may need to purchase a few overtime to find the best fit for you.

The Diva Cup (which is my choice) is readily available in Australia now and others are rapidly entering the market here.  Look around and find what suit you and your way of life best!

Mary Vance, a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Consultant in San Francisco, has put all the pros and cons of Menstrual Cups into one easy to read post.  Take a look for other really great websites that discuss the many benefits of using Menstrual Cups.

Also Mandana, a gorgeous French lady has diligently put together a monstrous comparison chart comparing what looks like every single possible menstrual cup (except for Diva) in the world and how they measure up. Even though she’s based overseas, she does have some specific products that she’ll ship to you in Oz for free, nada, nil, zip. Also for my followers you’re able to GET 10% OFF WITH COUPON CODE DRSUSANBLOG on

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