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Thank you so much Ecosa for designing such a brilliant versatile mattress.  As a Chiropractor I’ve found mattress recommendations difficult over the years, as a persons weight and personal preferences for firmness and supportiveness are so important.  I now highly recommend the Ecosa mattresses and have not yet had a dissatisfied patient.  They are inexpensive, supportive, no partner disturbance, plus they are so so simple to buy (online and shipped free to your home in a box on wheels to arrive at your door!). I’m not sure if it’s a promise of theirs, but often the mattress has appeared on my client’s doorsteps within 4 hours of placing their order online. Perfect for so many of my patients who suffer with a bad back.

The gel layer seems to keep the mattress cooler than standard latex mattresses which is really important for us Queenslanders.  I started with a king single for the nursery being well aware I’d be spending many nights in there feeding the baby.  One night when our baby fell asleep on our Queen size bed, my husband and I had no problem drifting off sharing the king single mattress! This could be testimony to its comfort, or just how tired we were as new parents, I can’t be sure.

Either way, it’s great to see that replacing an old mattress doesn’t need to be as costly and as nerve-racking as before. The purchase of around $1000 – with specials reducing the price down an additional $250 at certain points throughout the year – and the ability to return the mattress within 100 days for a full refund, no questions asked, makes my job that bit easier. I can recommend what I find has suited myself and my family, and if for some reason it doesn’t suit you, its simple to return it and give something else a go.

We’ve gone on to purchase another 2 Queens, 1 Single for my toddler and my 8 year old step-son now has the King Single.  Put together with super soft bamboo sheets, I’ve found everyone sleeps well in our house!

Oh, one other pearl in their design is that the mattress cover can zip off.  Last week when my little one had gastro, we found ourselves with a messy situation. Thankfully, after stripping the bed, and unzipping the Ecosa mattress cover and throwing it all in the wash, we were good as gold for the next nights sleep.  I used a bit of water and borax on the foam itself to clean up the last of it and it’s come up as good as new.  No more old stained mattresses in our home!  Why don’t all mattresses (especially high end mattresses) have zip-off covers?  It’s a super clever and useful feature and another reason I love Ecosa.

If you’re interested to look more into it, check out everything ECOSA right here.  This is an affiliate link which entitles you to an additional $50 off your mattress.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which mean that I will also get $50 credit should you wish to keep your mattress after the 100 day trial. This $50 refer-a-friend incentive is available to you also if you wish to share your better nights sleep with those you care about. Ecosa has not paid me to write this blog post and I only recommend products that I love and use myself and that I trust enough to use with my family and recommend to my patients, so I know you’ll be sleeping well and in safe hands with Ecosa. This post is part of a growing collection of posts called My Favourite Things.