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Enterosgel® is a product you need to know about!  It really piqued my interest!

There’s good reason why 8 million tubes of Enterosgel® (that’s more than 100 million doses!) are consumed around the world every year. It’s now available in 40 countries including most of Europe, South America, New Zealand, Africa and Asia.

It’s best known for its ability to alleviate and manage stomach and intestinal illness symptoms such as traveller’s diarrhoea and diarrhoea caused by other irritations of the gut.  It can help bloating, stomach cramps, vomiting, indigestion, and flatulence too.  And you can now get it in Australia (well you can from March 2018).

Enterosgel® does not contain sugar, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, fats, colours, flavours or preservatives so, being a hypo-allergenic gel, it’s great for people who are sensitive to lots of other gut remedies.


I stumbled upon it a few years ago when I was looking for a way to help my patients who had quite severe gut symptoms from a bug that had been picked up via stool sample testing.  One particular 11 year old boy was awaiting approval from the local hospital to take his third, and strongest, course of antibiotics to help kill his pathogen. He had lost 12kg due to his stomach aches he had after eating.  He was already eating gluten-free but still he would often find himself running to the bathroom within 20 minutes of eating certain meals.  Due to the frequency of me seeing cases like his in my clinic I looked further into what could be done using drug-free remedies and I found Enterosgel!

The New Zealand market had just opened and I ordered some to trial on my own family. Thankfully at the time a gastro outbreak was hitting Brisbane and was affecting many school aged children with them bringing the illness home to infect other members of their family.  Also, I had two trips with my young family to Thailand that year and one of our trips coincided with the worst floods in Koh Samui in 30 years so the blackouts made for an increased likelihood of us eating soured foods. Twice my husband was given coffee made with ‘off’ milk as their refrigeration had suffered with the related power outages. Thankfully we had our trusted Enterosgel with us and took a dose nightly, and anytime we found our last meal moving through us a bit too quickly.  We found the benefits of Enterosgel were well worth the $49.99/tube, except for when we had two tubes confiscated at customs for being over 100mls as we tried to board the plane in Bangkok. *note to self: take the 90g tube onto planes!

I also found that Enterosgel had so many applications that time and time again proved beneficial for my mostly child clientele.  It also, helped my pregnant patients who would otherwise be hard to help during outbreaks like this.  On a personal note, it helped to keep me safe from the patients visiting me during the vomiting and diarrhoea phase of their illness – I’d just squirt some Enterosgel into my warm tea and sip it through the day.

So how does it work…

Enterosgel® has a really unique pore structure allowing it to attract and bind medium and large size molecules, so it’s classified as an ‘enterosorbent’ or intestinal adsorbent.  It has the capacity to adsorb certain particles in the gut lumen.  It is then completely excreted naturally with the stool (and all the particles bound to it) within 7-12 hours, aiding in the management of diarrhoea and stomach and gastrointestinal illness symptoms.

During those cherished times like pregnancy and breastfeeding it’s really hard to know what you can take that won’t affect your baby.  Thankfully you can take Enterosgel® and so can your children from one year old.

It is advisable that you take your Enterosgel® two hours away from medication and supplements to ensure you get your full prescribed dose – doing so will prevent the Enterosgel® adsorbing any of it. Of course it’s always recommended that you check with your GP before using any new health related products and DO NOT take Enterosgel® if you suffer from Intestinal Atony.

In the full spirit of disclosure, I love this product so much that I now hold the exclusive wholesale rights to Enterosgel for all of Australia under the Medsilica Limited License.  For this reason, while I am unable to sell Enterosgel direct to the public, yet I do have a vested interest in getting Enterosgel stocked in clinics and chemists (and other resellers) near to you.  As with all of My Favourite Things listed on my blog, I only recommend products and systems that I myself have benefited from, and that I trust to be beneficial to my patients and family. This way I know that you and your health is in good hands.